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Amusement Rides Insurance In US
May 03, 2018

This acticle is seleted from TDI( Texas department of Insurance),about requirement for amusement ride from Texas goverment .

What is an amusement ride?

的游乐狗万app是什么平台设施是任何机械、重力或water device or devices that carry or convey passengers along, around, or over a fixed or restricted route or course or within a defined area for the purpose of giving its passengers amusement, pleasure, or excitement, and normally requires the supervision or services of an operator. Examples of amusement rides include:

Most mobile carnival rides;

Most theme park rides; and

Most water park rides and devices.

Amusement rides also include, but are not limited to, the following:

go-karts, rock climbing walls, bungee jumps, zip lines, mechanical bulls, trackless trains, continuous air-flow inflatable rides/devices (bounce houses, inflatable slides), and various simulators.

What are the types of amusement rides?

Class A Ride: Any amusement ride with a fixed location and designed primarily for use by children 12 years of age or younger.

Class B Ride: Any amusement ride not defined as a Class A ride.

What is an amusement ride compliance sticker?

An amusement ride compliance sticker is issued by TDI when the amusement ride meets all of the legal requirements for operating in Texas.

Like an inspection sticker for your car, an amusement ride compliance sticker is valid for one year from the date of inspection.

The amusement ride compliance sticker should be affixed to a major component of each ride in a location visible to the riders.

Click here for a list of current amusement ride compliance stickers.

What does TDI require of amusement ride owners and operators? What does an operator submit to obtain a compliance sticker?

Insurance: A certified copy of an insurance policy demonstrating compliance with TEX OCC. CODE (TIC) ANN. §§2151.101(a)(3) and 2151.1011(b), and 28 TEX ADMIN CODE (TAC) §5.9004(b).

The insurance policy must include a schedule of rides with the names and serial numbers of each ride insured by the policy.

Class A Rides require limits of liability of not less than $100,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage per occurrence with a $300,000 annual aggregate or $150,000 per occurrence single limit with a $300,000 annual aggregate.

Class B Rides except for Class B motorized train amusement rides and continuous air flow inflatable require limits of liability of not less than $1,000,000 bodily injury and $500,000 property damage per occurrence or $1,500,000 per occurrence combined single limit.

Motorized trains and continuous air flow inflatables (Class B Rides) require limits of liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Safe operation of amusement riding machines is the most important for the amusement park,not only USA,it's about the parks all over the world!