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What Kinds Of Bumper Car Is Most Popular Now?
Jun 28, 2019

As we know that bumper car is driven by electricity.General speaking, there are two kinds of current form—alternating current(AC) and direct current (DC).

There is one kind of electric bumper car operated by AC—sky net electric bumper car and floor net electric bumper car.

This kinds of bumper car is the most primitive bumper car at the beginning of amusement bumper car market .At the earlier time of amusement market,the technology of battery bumper car haven’t developed for a maturity stage.Sky net bumper car and floor net bumper car were very popular in the international market.

When using the sky net bumper car or floor net bumper car ,amusement park owners have to make a big change of their playing area, they have to make a series of electric wires for connecting the sky net or floor net bumper car.The sky net electric bumper car and floor net electric bumper car can be operated without batteries,but they takes a lot of area maintenance cost for various electric wires. In addition,if there is a power cut in amusement park,all the sky net or floor net electric bumper car can’t work.

With the development of battery technology,most of manufacturers change their production technology and procedures,using the battery as the power of electric bumper car.So DC electric bumper cars—battery electric bumper carshave become more and more popular in the international amusement market.


If you ,as an amusement park owner ,want to purchase the bumper car, you can see that battery operated bumper car is a hot item everywhere.

As one of categories in amusement machine market, battery powered bumper car includesrubber bumper carandinflatable bumper car一种将费用l thrilling and happiness when bumping the battery operated bumper car. they can feel the face-to-face feeling and experience the joy of hitting.


They can be playing in a specified area without any electric wires so that their specified area don’t take too much maintenance cost.If there is sudden situation of power cut in amusement park,they can be played at that unlucky situation,which makes a good working order for amusement park runners.

About the target players, some amusement park owners hold a point that the battery bumper cars just attract the children,they don’t realize that parents also would like to play the bumper car with their kids.

So there are hot bumper cars—adult battery operated bumper carandparents-kids battery bumper car变得越来越受欢迎的娱乐狗万app是什么平台rket.

Adult battery bumper car is one kind of bumper car with bigger size.Adult can play with their friends.


Parents-kid battery bumper car is one kind of bumper car with 2 seats—1 seat for mother or father,another one for kid.Their drive the electric bumper car by sitting down together.


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